​​​​​​​Complete Detail - Base Pricing      CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING AVAILABILITY

Cars $220

Trucks start at $260

Motorcycles $80

Exterior Detail Only: $130 base price for cars / $150 base price for trucks

Includes prep washing of the exterior, a multi-step paint polishing process to bring out a swirl-free high-gloss shine, and wax to protect your paint. Doorjambs, hood and trunk jambs, gas cap area, wheels and wheel wells receive careful attention.

Interior Detail Only: $150 base price

Includes basic hand wash of the exterior. The interior receives vacuuming, complete shampoo of upholstery, carpet and floor mats, and concentrated attention on air vents, door pockets, underneath seats, and anywhere dirt and debris can collect. Dashboard and vinyl is dressed and leather conditioned. Streak-free window cleaning. Pet hair removal is extra.

Ceramic Coating: Call for pricing

Hand Wax Only: $80 cars or $100 for trucks

Call for pricing for the following services as prices are dependent on the severity of the condition:

Overspray Removal (removes paint overspray, industrial fallout)

High-Speed Buffing (removal of light scratches or oxidation)

Color Sanding

Paintless Dent Removal

Water Spot Removal from Paint

Water Spot Removal from Windows

Decal Removal

Professional Paint Sealant

Fabric and Upholstery Protectant

Leather Conditioning

Gift Certificates


Auto Detailing

We are here to address your individual detailing needs. The above prices reflect a
base price. For a customized quote to reflect the work you desire on your vehicle, please call Keith at (253) 569-4392.

   High quality auto detailing services without the high prices.

Payment is due upon completion of services rendered.

Please remove all valuables and loose objects prior to your appointment.

Not responsible for items left in vehicle.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express

Details on the Go guarantees you will be pleased with our work.