Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Detailing

What IS detailing?

A full detail consists of thorough cleaning inside and out, including the following:

  • cleaning of the wheels and tires
  • removal of insect residue and industrial fallout
  • cleaning of the engine
  • body wash
  • trunk clean and shampoo
  • interior clean and shampoo
  • buff, polish and wax paint
  • protectant on exterior trim and tires

Auto detailing will remove light scratches and blemishes from car exteriors. It will restore the color and shine of your vehicle, and a clean interior and carpets recaptures that new car look and feel! Keeping it clean regularly and adding car wax or ceramic coating will prolong its life.

How often should my car be waxed and why?

When you notice water is no longer beading up on your car, or your car just doesn't shine, it's time to wax. Waxes are designed to protect and produce a durable high-gloss finish, and making cleaning (washing and drying) the paint surface easier.

My paint looks faded and has scratches; can detailing make it look new again?

There are several paint restorative techniques that can save most paint jobs. Depending on the condition of the paint, it can be wet sanded, compounded and buffed, polished and resealed to look like new. Since a new quality paint job can run thousands of dollars, have an experienced detailer examine your car to see if the existing paint job can be restored. In most cases the paint can be restored to near perfect condition for a few hundred dollars rather than thousands. Call us today for a free estimate.

Should I have my car detailed before I sell it?

Absolutely! A car's well-maintained appearance will impress prospective buyers and help sell your car faster and for more money. Even used car dealers detail every car they put out on their lot. It is no different than putting your house on the market...the cleaner and nicer it looks, the quicker it will sell at a higher value.

Now that my car is detailed, what should I do to keep it looking this great?

First, when washing your car, NEVER use dish soap -- it is too harsh and abrasive for your car's paint and protective coating. Only use soap specifically designed for care; otherwise you will risk stripping the wax and accelerating oxidation. Second, use a white cotton wash mitt instead of nylon wash mitts which can also be abrasive to your car's finish. Third, avoid getting water spots by always washing your car in the shade. The hot sun will bake the soapy water into the paint. Fourth, use a chamois cloth to dry your vehicle. Otherwise, water spots may occur.